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about bc speed skating


The British Columbia Speed Skating Association (BC Speed Skating or BCSSA) is the Provincial Sport Organization responsible for the amateur sport of speed skating (short track and long track disciplines) in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. BCSSA is comprised of approximately 1400 skaters, volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators, belonging to 28 member clubs. BCSSA is a volunteer-driven, registered not-for-profit society and is a member of the National Sport Organization Speed Skating Canada. BCSSA has provided support and services to its members and member clubs since its inception in 1957 in Dawson Creek. The Association hosts an Annual General Meeting in the late spring of each year. 



To foster the growth and development of speed skating in British Columbia by providing quality services and support programs to all members in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle while encouraging challenges and promoting excellence.





The BCSSA is committed to presenting speed skating as a lifetime sport, with opportunities for participation, outstanding service and leadership within the sport community. We will be viewed as an equal, dynamic, innovative and proactive sport within the Province and across Canada.




  • We believe each member is an integral part of our Association.
  • We actively support controlled shared governance, which includes the responsibility and ownership of accountabilities and outcomes.
  • We recognize our duty to maximize each member’s potential for growth and development.
  • We believe in athlete centeredness, as it proactively shapes an environment to promote excellence at all levels.
  • We recognize our responsibility to provide a safe environment for our athletes and membership.
  • We believe the use of drugs to enhance performance in training and competition is harmful to health, ethically wrong and a threat to sport.
  • We believe that athlete, coaching, officials and administrative development are equal partners in sport. It is the Association’s strong commitment to each that will provide positive, balanced growth.
  • We believe all members of the organization; staff, athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents, etc., are entitled to be treated in an ethical and professional manner.
  • We believe that recognition is a cornerstone of all volunteer organization and as such an integral part of all Association programs.