bc winter games

bc winter games


Join us in supporting the BC Winter Games skaters who missed out on racing in Vernon.

The Zone Challenge virtual event will feature skaters representing their zone from across BC. Skaters will compete in multiple categories through the submission of their best 200m time. Tune in LIVE – Sunday, February 27 for the results, action, and prizes!

Skater development

The BC Winter Games (BCWG) are an important developmental event for athletes across the province. The BCWG are a mulit-sport event overseen by the BC Games Society and are held February of every other year (even years). Athletes represent their Zone at the Games.







Zone team and officials

BC Winter Games targets athletes under 14 years old to represent their zone.  Wildcard positions may be allotted in addition to zone quota positions.

A head coach and assistant coach form the remainder of the team. Teams large enough may also bring adult supervisors.

The sport is permitted to register officials and junior officials through a ‘young officials’ program.