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Why a new visual identity?

Speed Skating BC is excited to join Speed Skating Canada’s efforts to unite Canada’s speed skating community under a common modernized brand.  Participation in the Provincial/Territorial Brand Extension Project will foster greater recognition for speed skating from coast to coast, from grassroots to the international stage.

The objectives for the Provincial/Territorial Brand Extension Project are to:

  • Increase alignment in the visual identity of speed skating in Canada.
  • Ensure that our sport is presented professionally and consistently to audiences at all levels, in a modern approach reflective of our push to move faster forward.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration in the development of marketing and promotional material.
  • Create efficiencies in maintaining the brands of our organizations moving forward.
  • Inspire increased alignment in other areas of our organizations.

Through participation in the brand extension project, Speed Skating BC was provided access to high level branding experts to help facilitate a visual identity that meets with our strategic objectives.  The result is a brand that is distinctly British Columbian but part of the national identity.  Our participation in the project will amplify the impact of the brand, re-energize our internal stakeholders and increase awareness to the public and sponsors.

What’s in the new logo?

The objective was to create a logo that would be instantly recognizable as British Columbia.  The iconography chosen distinctly represents our province.   The icons of the ocean, our mighty rivers and majestic mountains all contained within the familiar oval shape of our sport.  Alignment with the national logo is achieved using the stylized short and long tracks, popularized by the Speed Skating Canada logo.

The choice of blue represents the unity of our province from the blue of the sea to the blue of the sky.

Was a new logo necessary?

While the previous logo has been effective for several years, the skating figure central to the logo only represents a portion of our membership.  The new logo represents all our membership.  Also, the previous logo did not offer an opportunity to celebrate our pride in British Columbia.  The new logo proudly highlights BC’s natural beauty by the inclusion of the ocean and the mountains.

Organizations periodically update their logo and look to refresh and invigorate their brand, re-engage their stakeholders and refresh.

Will there be other changes in addition to our logo?

In addition to a new logo, you will also see a change in our graphic style.  This includes the fonts we use, our imagery and our colour palette.  Bold use of imagery and a bold graphic style will boost excitement and interest in our promotional materials, clothing, uniforms and social media channels.

We will also be changing our name to Speed Skating BC.

Why are we changing our name?

A name change is also part of the Brand Extension project that will bring consistency across the country to the provincial/territorial naming convention.  As other provinces and territories join the Brand Extension project, they will also be changing their names.

Within the sport community, many sports have transitioned to the convention of “Name of Sport” then province rather than the name of the province first then the sport.

Our legal name will remain as British Columbia Speed Skating Association.

What about my BC team suit? Do I have to buy a new one?

Our rebranding project will begin to roll out in January 2022.  The plan is that the new visual identity will be fully integrated over the next year. 

Eventually the BC Team suits will be updated, but for now, continue to wear your suit with pride.  There will also be the opportunity to update your Speed Skating wardrobe with other items.  Stay tuned!

Where can I find more resources?

All branding resources will be available on our website in the Resources tab under “About”.

If you have any questions on the use of our new brand, please contact us.