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Officials Pathway

Level 1

The Level 1 Officials Clinic is designed for any participant to come away with a basic knowledge of short track and long track speed skating. Learn about the role of each official and what that official position does within a competition. Completion of this clinic and practicum requirements will allow the participant to apply for Level 1 Certification.

Content of the clinic will include interactive videos that will demonstrate:

  • Starting procedure
  • Referee calls
  • Timers
  • Place judges
  • Track Stewards

Level 2

Intermediate knowledge of officiating including officiating at non-sanctioned local, sanctioned regional/provincial, and sanctioned national competitions


Level 3B-A

Advanced knowledge of officiating including officiating at sanctioned provincial/national competitions


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Official Development

official certification

The officials accreditation system used in speed skating is jointly administered by Speed Skating BC (Level 1-2) and Speed Skating Canada (Level 3-5). Certification includes five (5) levels for referees and three (3) levels for competition stewards, meet coordinators, timers, finish line judges, announcers, and recorders.


All officials have a place to participate in running a competition.  Speed Skating BC recognizes community sport officials such as young officials to provincial officials. 

Upgrading certification


Most officials will start their officiating journey as a  club volunteer (no formal training required), being informally mentored by a Certified Official in one of many positions: referee, starter, meet coordinator/competitors steward, recorder, timer, place judge, lap counter, heat box steward (clerk of the course), announcer, track steward, and other volunteer roles (runner, water buckets, gatekeeper, hospitality etc.).